March Mystery Meat

Discovering this photo set while surfing on the Internet has become something of a rite of passage for generations of young men, resulting in untold (and uncontrollable) sticky eruptions at countless keyboards and monitors.  In a world of shaved twinks, who can blame anyone for shouting out loud "NOW THAT'S A MAN!" when they see him for the first time?  Standing a sturdy 5'9" and coming in at a solid 170 pounds, this gentleman carrying a big rod became an even bigger hit beginning around 1995.  If you can ID our cocky cop, please leave a comment below.  The answer this weekend (with more photos). 

Rich Koch

Rick (or Rich) Koch made news with Advocate Men in March 1998 and the Torso in April of the same year.  This Colt Studios stud has been quoted as saying "My first time posing nude was for Jim French in '95, and I was in the Colt Calendars. Before that, I was dancing across the country with the troupe First Class Male, and then went on to Chippendales in '96. One of my dancer friends who's also a Colt model turned my name over to Jim. Beside Jim, Maxx Studio is the only other time I've been photographed."  As one VGMH follower wrote to me "I didn't know his name but I knew his fine hairy bo was what I liked and I've loved hairy chested guys ever since."  Rick also has been reported as performing in two softcore videos for Campfire Productions, America's Hunkiest Home Videos 8 and Hunk Boat 2: Naked Ski School.   We'll leave him with yet one more pic from what is probably his most famous photo set--The Cop-and very rock hard at that.